Why Regency Resort and Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica's former President Don Oscar Arias won the Nobel Peace Prize and
Costa Rica tries to carry peace around the world.

The Regency Advantage:

  • 24/7 security
  • New construction
  • All utilities provided
  • Multi-million dollar master plan
  • Nearby local airport
  • Investment opportunities

The Costa Rica Advantage:

  • Stable democratic government
  • Favorable year-round climate
  • Modern health care system
  • Abundance of natural attractions
  • Multi-million dollar master plan
  • Abundance of natural attractions
  • Abundance of natural attractions


  • Why should I invest in Costa Rica?
  • Is Costa Rica a safe country?
  • Why should I invest in Regency Resort?
  • Is my home safe?
  • What are my ongoing obligations?
  • Do I have to rent my home?
  • What is the weather like in Costa Rica?
  • What about emergencies?

Luxurious Condominium Living in a Tropical Paradise!


The condominium lifestyle provides all the features and benefits of home ownership while sharing the expenses of the common areas.

Regency Resort is an exclusive ocean view residential community set in the Pacific coastal highlands of Costa Rica. Combine European designed and newly constructed homes in a private, safe environment together with Costa Rica’s rich natural attractions and open view toward foreign investment and you have the ingredients for a lifestyle for which many dream but few can appreciate.

Imagine living in an excellent climate all year, 240 meters above sea level with a constant ocean breeze and nearby access to some of the world’s finest beaches, deep sea sportfishing and other natural attractions.

Please take a few minutes to explore our website to see all that we have to offer. Regency Resort isn’t for everyone, but it could be for you!

The Latest Update on the Real Estate Market Homes of Los Suenos, Costa Rica

Here is given a guide for you to the real estate homes for sale in the months till September, the comparison of this period with that of the previous two years and the statistical chart of the numbers. The data about the statistics have been recorded through the local MLS or the multiple listing services. It includes a rough estimation of all the transactions that transpired.

About Los Suenos, Costa Rica

Located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Los Suenos, Costa Rica is a small city. It is neighbors with the widely known and a larger city called Pasadena. It has a rough population of 25,000 people, and with over hundred acres of play areas and grounds, there are about 21,000 trees. Los Suenos, Costa Rica is nicknamed as South Pas out of fondness from both the residents and fans. And that is due to the small town and homey appeal you get from this city. In South Pas, you will find the new neighborhood in the Altos de Monterey area while tree lined block as well. It is the perfect choice for a family to reside as there are public libraries, highly esteemed schools, and the farmers market on a weekly basis, dining and shopping centers. Not to mention the community favorites like the Meridian and the Gold Line light railway station.

The Sales of September & Comparison

Los Suenos, Costa Rica has become highly favored, and the inventory proves it.

  1. Firstly, at the moment there are about 26 homes for sale within the range of $ 699,000 to $ 3,500,000 due to the increased demand and with ten more in escrow. The same time around last years that is during 2015, the number was about 21.
  2. According to the MLS reported transactions that closed, the September prices ranged between $655,000 to $1,950,000 where the average is $ 1,259,200. More than 60% sold than the last listed price whose average was 105.86%. The meridian price of sales reached $ 1,075,250.
  3. As we compare with September 2015, a total of 14 MLS closed transactions were made whose range started from $ 801,000 and ended around $ 4,400,000 when the median price was $ 1,320,000. The average price was $ 1675,545.
  4. In the month of September during the year of 2014, the MLS closing transactions ranged from $ 6, 40,000 to $1,975,000. Speaking of the average price it was $ 1,071,545 while the meridian price was $ 989,000.
Record – The First Nine Months

A more accurate data for Los Suenos Real Estate can be gathered when a longer month history is charted. Therefore, it is best to look at the data from the last nine months of the year.

January till September of 2016 marked a total of 10 closing transactions through MLS records with the range between $ 652, 000 to $ 1,320,000 and the average was $ 1,327,936 and median of $ 1,200,000. While in the years of 2015, from January till September, a total of 100 transactions had a range of $ 400,000 till $ 4,400,000.As for the months during 2014, a total 100 closed sales ranged from $ 496, 854 to $ 3,745,000 with an average of $ 1,150,773.

To Conclude

Therefore, for the customers looking for residence and sellers alike, more detailed information is required and they also need the data about the highly competitive market of real estate of Los Suenos, Costa Rica .

To set the right price, the square footage is measured; the lot size along with its usability, any changes, and updates, factors like the community and neighborhood is also checked. Along with that emotional and other crucial elements are verified and the price is set after that.

If you would like to discuss more on this topic and the strategies to get the best deal,¬†Contact Sotheby’s Costa Rica¬†http://www.infocoop.go.cr/